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Blogger    Anna Ulahelová

B Anna Ulahelová

Buffet design 06–02–2018 08:12

I like the approach of student :). With "at first glance" small topic she made complex work – from survey, communication with people, analysing problem to find real solution through activation of students themselves. I am curious about results!


First Things First 30–05–2017 12:14

Definitely one of the most important critical document for contemporary design. The most interesting was for me discussion which started around it. It contests many aspects of design now days – role of graphic designer? impact of design? As well as I appreciate that it put together designers as one authority responsible for cultural and social development.


Works That Work 25–05–2017 16:26

I agree with Ester Nemcova. I just simply like on this project different point of view for design and its understanding which is more opened for user/public/everyday life thinking. I also appreciate multidisciplinary approach and mixing disciplines as design, sociology, environment, communication etc. I like idea about distribution of magazine on other side is not still quite luxury artefact just for people who have already knowledge something about design? Then another question comes: Is this magazine again just for closed community of people and professions?


Peoples Calendar 25–05–2017 16:02

I think that the role of media and their manipulation of informations is nowadays stronger then ever. In this case I like that the project show us that this problem has actually long history. As well as it shows how visual production influence our thinking about importance of information.


Work of Metahaven 25–05–2017 15:43

Work of Metahaven plays with function, impact and meaning of design nowadays. They use design as tool for research and new thinking about social, political and environmental reality. The process of work itself is critical. They test their own and design (comfort) zone.


Boyband – 1977 10–05–2017 22:13

The student chose project which is critical amount of people in design community. Designers have to always reflect their role for society especially in Slovak location where we miss roots for design theory, criticism and public reflection.


MOR / Plague 29–01–2017 11:10

The designer used interesting visual way how to point on problem about high amount of visual elements/ads in the streets. Also he connected it with statistical background and marked most problematic spaces in Bratislava. It is good starting point for communication with institutions and people who care about this problem.


Work of Karol Rosmány 27–01–2017 15:06

The project shows and decribe the problem with low interest about graphic design research in general. The question is what can be solution? Author of project made research about Rosmany and realize the problem. Next step could be searching solution connected with possibilities for new interpretation of graphic design and also infrastructure of the people who should be involved to research the discipline.


Visual identity of Public Against Violence 27–01–2017 14:39

Project with big impact for public in that time. I like that it was initiative of the author - graphic designer himself. It is working with public topic where we should be more critical.


Smileys that became sad 27–12–2016 17:01

I like first homeless topic and idea of project. I appreciate that student tried to work with homeless people. It is pity that he maybe gave up topic too soon and did not go deeper and try to find different solution for this problem.


Critical Window: Media manipulation 11–12–2016 09:39

I like this type of platform because it happened in public space. It used easy way how to highlight actual problems and in the same communicate them to public.