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Blogger    Martin Mistrík

B Martin Mistrík

Graphic designer based in Bratislava. He uses visual communication to create stories with minimalistic graphic approach. Using this directly in clients' work allows him to transform some experiments into daily routine. He is a graduate of visual communication at Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava. He acquired experience in education abroad, specifically at University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland), where he met western design thinking and variety of constructive feedback from international authorities in the field. The residence was followed by longer study stay at Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana (Slovenia), where he won a local design competition and was offered art direction of Slovenian theatre magazine. It allowed him to feel natural at foreign communication and to be cooperative. After school he co-eastablished non-profit organisation Open Design Studio, aiming at spreading design education among young students. Together with colleagues Katarína Balážiková, Branislav Matis and Zuzana Devaliere organised workshops, lectures, exhibitions both in Bratislava and Novi Sad (Serbia). Workshops and lectures focused on critical thinking, social, economical and political issues, all linked to culture. They were usually complemented with design lectures of international professionals (from Netherlands, Cuba, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic). In parallel he started his own design brand ZELENÁ LÚKA, meaning green meadow. Brand name meaning is delivered form his design approach – each project is rethought from the scratch. By that, the solution is since the very start tightly bounded with the problem and is actually more likely to offer an adequate answer, not simply making things nice. Lately, he won public design competition to establish brand design identity system for a governmental bureau. His work has earned several prestige design awards home and abroad.


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